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Quiz nights

There are two popular quiz nights at the pub.

On Sunday nights Harry presents his own long-running quiz, which is now in its 17th year.

On Mondays the quiz is hosted by Martin Hollings, a former presenter on Sunshine Gold radio.

On both nights, quiz sheets are handed out at around 9pm


Supper Club

Supper club normally meets on the first Tuesday of every month (except January)
from around 6.30pm, with the actual date being posted on our Facebook page.

How it works

You bring in your contribution for the night and place it on the sharing table
along with those from everyone else, and then just pick and mix!

Why not bring some cheese, olives, continental sausage or pork pie - in fact any “Deli” item will be fine.
You could even bring a jar of homemade pickles, or some homemade bread - bake to impress!
This is a great opportunity to try out new foods that you normally wouldn’t, or couldn't justify, buying!

(we suggest £3 to £5 spend per person)